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Hello there, you’ll find my freeware fonts below. It must have been in 1999 when I first started to make fonts, and many of my oldest ones aren’t of a good quality. The farther you scroll down this page, the older the fonts… but as I want to have my fonts complete, I’m including them anyway.
Freeware means that you’re welcome to use them in personal and/or commercial projects (well, I’ll be happy about a donated coffee, though 😉). Please do not share the files, rather share the link to my site. Thanks!

That’s what my handwriting looked like when I was 5 years old, I actually scanned old letters and turned the characters into this font. It looks especially realistic, when you have two similar letters in a word, if you exchange one of them to the upper case. [coffee]

This barcode font will not be recognized by scanners, it is only suitable for design purposes. [coffee]

My handwriting – very old font, but one of my most popular ones. I made it with a “turn your handwriting into a font” software which didn’t have many features.[coffee]

There were some very lame lessons when I was a college student, so I played around with a fountain pen and an ink eraser. Who would have thought that one day, this font would be featured on a soft drink can?[coffee]

The title is ‘autobiographic’. The no-name refill ink for my printer had clogged the printer’s head and led to such a streaked printout. Lucky for the font, though 🙂 [coffee]

I found the characters for this font in an old music book.[coffee]

My very first attempt to create a cursive handwriting font. Looks best at small sizes.[coffee]

Medieval Grunge! The normal s sits on the § key 🙂 [coffee]

Something between a pixel font and a blurred cross stitch alphabet. [coffee]

A retro outline font which looks nice in headlines.[coffee]

The idea for this font came from a classmate. He showed me an image and wanted to know if there was such a “dizzying” font available. I couldn’t find anything like it, so I created it. If you print it, viewing it from a close distance makes it blur before your eyes. [coffee]

No kidding, I really can’t remember when and why I made this one. It looks as if it was written with fluid glue or window color… [coffee]

How much of a letter can be erased without making the font illegible? This experimental font is not perfect, but I still like it and its effect a lot.[coffee]

Die Ur-Version meiner Tafelschrift, deren neuere und verbesserte Version in meinem Shop erhältlich ist. Diese Freeware-Variante hat weniger Zeichen und ungenaues Kerning (sprich: die Abstände der Buchstaben passen nicht immer genau). [coffee]

Knuffig means as much as cute, cuddly. I found the characters in an old book and I still think it’s cute 🙂 [coffee]

I used a water effect on the characters and adjusted it until it looked pretty in black and white.[coffee]

If you type a # first, you’ll see the girl’s head which lets the little dandelion seeds float away. All letters are made of dandelion seeds, and you’ll find an additional heart on the $ key.[coffee]

At the beginning of the millennium, I took part in a font designer group named “Alphadingfontbatoholics”. We made lots of dingbats, dingfonts and such. This one, just like “Letterbat AH”, was one of my contributions to this group. [coffee]

The word Paco means “Peace” in Esperanto. But I can’t remember why I chose that word for the name of this font *shrug* [coffee]

Just a little visual pun about the term “letterbat”. [coffee]

The first font I made using a graphic tablet in connection with Adobe Illustrator. [coffee]

Based on the font “Gill Sans Ultrabold”, I simply cut out several snow crystals. [coffee]

Another winter themed font based on “Gill Sans Ultrabold”. Santa jumps over the letter, ho ho ho! By the way, it’s upper case only. [coffee]

Same principle as Jolly Santa, this is an Easter font with self-designed letters. [coffee]

Oh, one more font based on “Gill Sans Ultrabold”. This one is for Valentine’s Day and whatever has to do with love <3 [coffee]

A so-called dingfont, combining the letters with images. I dedicated this font to the first-born daughter of dear friends.[coffee]

The digitized handwriting of the great inventor Rube Goldberg. [coffee]

I admit it, this is a copycat font of another typeface *blush* [coffee]

Just like “Titanic”, that’s an old experimental font.[coffee]

It’s easy to see why I called this font “Titanic”, right?[coffee]

A font for music-themed headlines. That’s all. [coffee]

anatevkalpMy favorite musical is Anatevka (“Fiddler on the Roof”). Our school performed it in 1995, and I played the saxophone part in the orchestra. This old record sleeve was my inspiration for this font, and I’m planning to work on a new and enhanced version using precise vector software.[coffee]

The very first version of my handwriting as a font. Made with a basic font software which didn’t allow any adjustments. [coffee]

“Bullet Mix” is a collection of small drawings which can be used as bullets in unordered lists. Click on this button for a complete list of all characters: Character Map [coffee]

The result of playing around with the masking function and the “invert” command in my image editor. Looks like a font on drugs 😀 [coffee]

When the first season of the TV show “Big Brother” aired in Germany, one of the “inmates” was a quite simple-minded guy named Zlatko. His linguistic skills left much room for improvement… So I made this font, exchanging phonetically related characters. If you type a “t”, for example, you’ll get a “d”. If you type a “k”, you’ll get a “g” and so on. What that is good for? I have no idea, but I thought it was hilarious at that time 😉 [coffee]
Please note: Whenever you download free fonts, make sure that they really are free. Sometimes often fonts are offered for download without their owners knowing about it.

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