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This post is also available in Deutsch

Sometimes people ask me how many fonts I’ve got. Installed? Around 900. Collected? Add a zero… crazy, huh? Well, the collecting would be pointless if I didn’t put those wonderful fonts to use. I love typographic posters, especially the so-called “Subway Art” (does anyone know where the name comes from?). My own posters aren’t Subway Art, though, but I’ll give that a try soon 🙂


As you can’t choose names with hyphens on Etsy, I used the name “Vibesbuild”. That’s pronounced like the old German word Weibsbild which means as much as shrew or wench, heehee…

A click on the screenshot takes you to my Etsy shop:

Digital Goodies by Vibesbuild on Etsy 2014-09-10 16-30-40



Using a different name – “TanteLisbeth” ( = Aunt Lisbeth) – I’m selling my tongue-in-cheek postcards which are based on vintage postcards. If you’d like to see them in English, too, please let me know. Have a look at my Dawanda shop 🙂

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