Faces in Places

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I collect faces, as I posted in an older entry. Would you call that a hobby or only some case of OCD? Anyway, here’s a gallery of my newest Instagram faces:

From Buttons to Seals – Tutorial

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Klick hier für die deutsche Version

Have you ever received a letter that was closed with a seal? It looks so romantic and classy, I love this nostalgic touch!

Here I show you how you can turn some of the beauties of your button collection into selfmade seals.

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    From Buttons to Seals - Tutorial
  • Who doesn't have some old buttons and pens? Turn them into something original!


  • 1 ballpoint pen broken or non-functional
  • 1 jeans button or any shank button you like
  • glue i.e. E6000
  • sealing wax
  • separating agent pigment ink pad, powder, oil...


  1. Aren't these jeans buttons adorable? When I bought them, the pattern reminded me of seals, so I decided to turn them into, well, seals.
  2. As a handle, I used an old ballpoint pen and simply screwed of the tip and removed the refill.
  3. I attached the button to the plastic tube. Do not use your glue gun, the glue will melt when you use the seal. Trust me. Use a strong glue instead and let it dry loooong enough.
  4. That's how my first selfmade seal turned out. Fancyish, huh?
  5. Instead of old-school sealing wax with a wick, I used sealing wax sticks which can be pushed through a glue gun. I put a coin-sized blob onto my paper.
  6. While it was cooling down, I pressed my seal into my pigment ink pad. That's because you need a separating agent - you don't want your seal to be stuck inside the wax. If you do, you're weird.
  7. Here's the blob before I applied the seal...
  8. ... and here's how I pressed the seal into the slightly cooled-down wax. Never push to hard, or the seal will get too thin.
  9. Let it cool down completely. I could even let the seal stand upright :)
  10. Carefully remove the seal. Doesn't the result look fabulous?
  11. When using ink, I need to remove the excess ink from the stamped seal. I just wipe it off with a kleenex.
  12. Looking through my collection of buttons, I found several more which promised to make interesting seals.
  13. So here's my stash of selfmade seals.
  14. Using different colors and distressing methods, the seals make beautiful embellishments. Don't you think?

Recipe notes

If you use a baking sheet instead of paper, you can simply peel off your seals after they've dried. You can attach them later to your projects with a drop of glue or double-sided sticky tape.

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Chalked up

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A Yawn is a silent Scream for Coffee

About a month ago I spent two days at the “Paperworld” fair in Frankfurt. What a huge source of inspiration! I could have spent a week there and wouldn’t have seen it all. And I did a silly happy dance when I ran into Tim Holtz :D

As you’ve definitely noticed, “Chalk Art” has been quite the rage for more than a year now. I’ve been playing around with it, too, as you can see here. I think I’ll print it and hang it next to my giant mug from the hardware store. The mug reads “There’s no such thing as a ‘too big’ project. There’s just not enough coffee” ;-)
Yepp, I was busy – I built a new wall storage for my rubber stamps as well as a washi tape and ribbon organizer.
Too bad that all the photos I took don’t magically appear as beautiful tutorials on my computer. But I recently bought a plugin which, by default, is made for recipes. I turned it into a plugin for instructions, so stay tuned for my “selfmade seals”. And it’s not about those cute animals.


anke-art’s Christmas cards 2013

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DC December Colors

When I came across the current challenge by the Daring Cardmakers, I instantly knew which of my collected postcard images I’d use. The colors are rather unusual for Christmas cards, but maybe it’s exactly that what appeals to me.

So I’ll “open” my Christmas card gallery with my challenge contribution, starring a cute girl under an umbrella, accompanied by a cat.
I had made some of the other cards for different challenges, but I missed the deadlines. Duh, right?

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my little gallery. Which card do you like best?

  • anke-art-weihnachtskarten2013-3
  • anke-art-weihnachtskarten2013-9
  • anke-art-weihnachtskarten2013-2
  • anke-art-weihnachtskarten2013-4
  • anke-art-weihnachtskarten2013-6
  • anke-art-weihnachtskarten2013-10
  • anke-art-weihnachtskarten2013-1
  • anke-art-weihnachtskarten2013-7
  • anke-art-weihnachtskarten2013-8
  • anke-art-weihnachtskarten2013-5

It’s December already?!

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Hello again! It’s already very Christmas-y around us, and I’ve been very busy. I have my own Etsy shop! Its name is Vibesbuild which is a little wordplay with English and German. It sounds like the German word “Weibsbild” which means as much as “woman”, but can be used in a very positive or very negative context. The name I wanted, “anke-art”, didn’t work because Etsy didn’t allow any hyphens. :(

You can find some digital printables there, and I’ll fill my shop with more products soon.

If everything works fine, you should be able to see a preview here:

washi-froebelApart from digital endeavors, I’ve been very crafty with paper, too. Tomorrow I’ll upload a bunch of handmade cards.
Here on the left you can see a traditional German Fröbel Star, but I wanted to try it with Washi Tape. You need long strips of paper for those stars, so I taped Washi tape onto thin transparent paper and trimmed it to the tape’s width. Folding was pretty easy that way, and I really like the look.

Well, that’s it for now, see you tomorrow!

Faces in Places

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Goodbye summer holidays, here I am again. Sometimes when we’re going for a walk, I suddenly stop and get my camera out to take pictures of “stuff”. My husband thinks that’s highly amusing, but I actually collect “Faces in Places”. In the meantime, my collection has grown considerably, you can find it at Instagram. The official hashtag for those pictures is #facesinplaces.


Just a few days ago I came across a wonderful freebie by Valorie Wibbens, and I think it will make perfect yearly double layout pages:


Credits: Papers by Blagovesta, Pocket Squared Freebie by Valorie Wibbens, Alphas “Winter Stickies” by Amy Martin and “Itty Bitty Alpha” by Heidi Williams, Font Incognitype by me

Tutorial: Organizing cables

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One cable for the iPod, one cable for the mobile phone, another one for the laptop… sometimes it’s hard to tell all those cables apart.
When I came across some plastic plant markers which I had bought for my garden herbs, I had a lightbulb moment. The plastic can easily be cut with scissors, and a permanent fineliner was close at hand. Only the holes in the markers weren’t big enough for the cable ties, so the hole punch came in handy. Tadaaa, easy-peasy cable identification!



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goetheIt isn’t easy for me to write this post. Last week, I lost a loved one to cancer, and I still can’t fathom how fast everything happened. The quote on the left says that death is an impossibility which turns into a reality.
I am grateful for the support of my friends and family who made it possible for me to be on hiatus “until further notice”.
My homepage will keep me busy during the next few weeks, there are some tutorials waiting to be published and shared with you.

Please: Take care of yourselves. Life is shorter than you might think.

The Very Washi Caterpillar (lamp makeover)

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Who would have thought that it’s almost impossible to find a nice and bright ceiling lamp for a kid’s room? Even the salesman told us to “look online” – well, thanks.

We chose a bright lamp which I decided to turn into one of my favorite children’s book characters, The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Some scraps of wallpaper, cardboard, washi tape, acrylic paint and mod podge – voilà, before and after:

vorher-lampe nachher-lampe

A little warning: Don’t try this on a lamp which gets very hot. Otherwise you’ll burn down your cute design and the whole house…

Glitter Galaxy in a Bottle

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Glitzer-GalaxieAs I’m a huge Pinterest fan, I recently came across the project: “The Pinterest Project: A Calming Glitter Bottle”. Thanks for the inspiration, Jamie! Our junior loves playing with plastic water bottles, so I simply had to give this project a try. It’s easy-peasy and looks marvelous! Adding blue food coloring (well, I guess it would work just fine with ink) lets the glitter look like a swirling galaxy.

You want to try it, too?


You need:

  • 1 empty plastic bottle (not too large, it should fit in your child’s hands) without the label
  • 1 transparent container for mixing
  • glitter glue
  • transparent craft glue
  • glitter from the stash
  • hot water
  • blue food coloring (or blue ink)
  • duct tape

zutatenI didn’t have any exact measures, it was an experiment after all. On the container, I marked the level of liquid I would need to fill the bottle.

First, I squeezed all the contents of two old glitter glue tubes (silver and gold) into my bowl, then half a tube of craft glue. It makes the liquid more viscid so the glitter won’t settle too quickly. You can add glycerin for that reason, but I didn’t have any. Jamie says that she prefers non-water soluble glue, but mine was water soluble – I didn’t have any problems with foam or suds, so I guess it’s just worth a try whichever brand you use.

gemischtUsing boiling hot water, I filled the bowl up to the mark and mixed the “potion” thoroughly. It still looked a little lame, so I emptied two small tubes of holographic and gold glitter into the bowl. When some of the glitter clotted, I simply squeezed the clots with the back of a spoon.

In the end, I added a shot of blue food coloring which made the water dark blue. When the potion had cooled down to room temperature, I used a funnel to fill it into the bottle. I secured the cap with a strip of duct tape because I don’t want any dark blue surprises on our furniture :)lmfarbe2

Anyway, the bottle is a hit! If you shake it and move it around, it sparkles like crazy!

As it’s not easy to capture the effect photographically, I made a short video for you: