The perfect Glue Mat

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No cost, no mess – this glue “mat” is rather a glue mag.

Some projects require lots of glueing, and if you want to spread the glue evenly, you can’t help but make a mess on your table. I avoid the mess by doing the following:

Old magJust take any old magazine which clogs up the precious space in your closet. I realized that I had old magazines from 2002 which were totally obsolete.

glueNow you can use the first page as a glue mat. Once the glue is spread evenly, attach the piece to whatever pretty thing you’re about to craft.

turnFor the next item which needs to be spread with glue, simply turn over the next page. Now you have a clean glue mat again :D .

As most magazines have lots of pages, you don’t run out of clean glue mats very quickly. When the magazine’s pages are all used up, simply throw it into your waste paper bin. That’s it!

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