Glitter Galaxy in a Bottle

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Glitzer-GalaxieAs I’m a huge Pinterest fan, I recently came across the project: “The Pinterest Project: A Calming Glitter Bottle”. Thanks for the inspiration, Jamie! Our junior loves playing with plastic water bottles, so I simply had to give this project a try. It’s easy-peasy and looks marvelous! Adding blue food coloring (well, I guess it would work just fine with ink) lets the glitter look like a swirling galaxy.

You want to try it, too?


You need:

  • 1 empty plastic bottle (not too large, it should fit in your child’s hands) without the label
  • 1 transparent container for mixing
  • glitter glue
  • transparent craft glue
  • glitter from the stash
  • hot water
  • blue food coloring (or blue ink)
  • duct tape

zutatenI didn’t have any exact measures, it was an experiment after all. On the container, I marked the level of liquid I would need to fill the bottle.

First, I squeezed all the contents of two old glitter glue tubes (silver and gold) into my bowl, then half a tube of craft glue. It makes the liquid more viscid so the glitter won’t settle too quickly. You can add glycerin for that reason, but I didn’t have any. Jamie says that she prefers non-water soluble glue, but mine was water soluble – I didn’t have any problems with foam or suds, so I guess it’s just worth a try whichever brand you use.

gemischtUsing boiling hot water, I filled the bowl up to the mark and mixed the “potion” thoroughly. It still looked a little lame, so I emptied two small tubes of holographic and gold glitter into the bowl. When some of the glitter clotted, I simply squeezed the clots with the back of a spoon.

In the end, I added a shot of blue food coloring which made the water dark blue. When the potion had cooled down to room temperature, I used a funnel to fill it into the bottle. I secured the cap with a strip of duct tape because I don’t want any dark blue surprises on our furniture :)lmfarbe2

Anyway, the bottle is a hit! If you shake it and move it around, it sparkles like crazy!

As it’s not easy to capture the effect photographically, I made a short video for you:

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  1. I want one FOR ME!

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