Upcycled Floppy Disk Box

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I have so many leftover floppy disks for which I don’t even have a disk drive anymore. This idea turned out to be really useful, that’s why I share it with you. And it makes a good gift for a geek :D

For one box you need

5 old floppy disks
10 small black cable ties
hole punch
scissors or cutter

I recommend the Crop-a-Dile, that’s a big hole punch and eyelet setting tool. For the box, choose the smaller punch size.

Take four disks and punch holes where the arrows in my picture point to the small round indentions. On the other edge, put the little square switch to “write protected”, then you’ll have two holes in the disk without even punching :D

Attach the disks to each other by inserting the cable ties by threading them through the holes. The fasteners should be positioned inside the resulting box.

When you pull the cable ties tight, one disk should sit on the other in a right angle.

That’s what it looks like from the inside. You can cut off the excess plastic with your scissors.

Here’s a diagram (representing a view from above) how the disks should be attached to each other.

Now you can attach the bottom. Turn your box around and lay the fifth disk on top. Now take the sharpie and mark two points close to the edge where you’ll punch the holes. Some disks have small indentions (as can be seen in the next picture) which you can take as an orientation. On the disks which you’ll affix the bottom disk to, mark two points like shown in the picture.

Don’t punch too close to the edge or the plastic will split. Punch the holes into the box as well.

Here you can see where the holes for the bottom should be punched.
Attach the bottom to the walls of the box in the same manner as before, leaving the ends of the cable ties inside the box. Cut off excess ties with scissors.

Done! these boxes are quite large and offer space for big office tools like staplers.
So how do you like it? I’m looking forward to your comments :D

(First published in December 2010)

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  1. CK Dhanabalan says:

    Interesting, very useful Craft work.. I appreciate this work.. good idea..

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